Changzhou Baoyi Mech. &Elec. Instrument Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high temperature monitoring and measuring systems for cement, metallurgy, power plant, petrochemical ,furnace, glass industry, etc.

We are the earliest one specialized in researching, designing, producing, maintaining and integrating the monitoring and measuring systems for high temperature industrial applications in China. Our prodecessor company is Changzhou TV Institute which was engaged in the field of high temperature industrial television industry for many decades. Baoyi was formally established in 2002 and grew rapidly with its professional standards and mature technologies.

We're committed to providing you with high quality products and excellent service. We have continuously cooperated with various domestic and international scientific research institutions and successfully developed a series of automated equipment.
High temperature furnace CCTV camera system:
Endoscope type Straight viewing type
Elbow viewing type Portable type
Ball valve type Ball chuck type, etc
Infrared temperature measuring system
Kiln shell infrared scanner Furnace thermal imaging system
Blast furnace infrared camera system High temperature fiber optic pyrometer
Integrated pyrometer infrared with laser sighting 2-Color pyrometer
Video measurement and control system
Video tin-bath flow and board width automatic control system
Video glass level measure system
Electric ear mill sound measuring system:
Audio frequency&decibel displaying type
CCTV Spare parts
Pinhole lens Video camera
Camera housing General lens

To successfully compete in the global market, we focus on delivering better design, equipment, technical service and support to our customers. Owing to our high quality products and services, we have successfully fulfilled large numbers of high temperature monitoring and infrared measuring projects in China and around the world.
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